AA Academic Activities
BEE Board Management, External Relations and Expansion (President’s responsibility)
DB Decision Book
EC Essay Competition
EDF ELSA Development Foundation
EHTW ELSA House Training Week
EI ELSA International
ELS ELSA Lawyers Society (Alumni-organisation)
EMC2 ELSA Moot Court Competition on WTO Law
FM Financial Management (Treasurer’s responsibility)
HR Human Rights or Human Resources
IB International Board
ICM International Council Meeting
IDF International Development Fund
IFP International Focus Programme
IM Internal Management (Secretary General’s responsibility)
IPM International Presidents’ Meeting
ITP International Trainers’ Pool
KAM Key Area Meeting
L@W Lawyers at work events
LB Local Board
LG Local Group
LRG Legal Research Group
LRP Legal Research Programme
MKT Marketing
MCC Moot Court Competition
NB National Board
NCM National Council Meeting
NG National Group
NSS Network Support System
OC Organizing Committee
OYOP One Year Operation Plan
S&C Seminars & Conferences
SAF Student Application Form
SAM Supporting Area Meeting
SAP Studies Abroad Programme
SecGen Secretary General
SG18 Strategic Goals 2018
SotN State of the Network Report
SSO Statutes and Standing Orders
STEP Student Trainee Exchange Programme
TSF Traineeship Specification Form
TYTP Two Year Tactical Plan
VP Vice President
WM Working Material
WS Workshop